About us


ePaytech was founded in 2009. Our company currently celebrates a successful start-up in the Kosovo market, and continues to guarantee high quality of work and staff professionalism.


Company Profile

ePayTech is a company specialized in the field of Information Technology. We offer software products and services for clients based in Kosovo and elsewhere. The Company is known for its staff’s experience in the field, being involved with big clients such as municipal administrations, public companies, banks and other financial institutions, cooperates and other large and medium-sized businesses.

The Company’s products and services are developed always keeping in mind the requirements and desires of our clients. Consequently, the development process includes close contact with our clients, in order to ensure the fulfillment of those requirements and a high-quality end product that meets all satisfactions.

Some products ePayTech has developed as of late are: Digitizing cash registers for electronic payments in municipal administrations, Digitizing public company services, Account Balance, Credit Balance, Deposits Balance, etc.