Open competition

Our company “ePayTech” is in search of employees that possess special knowledge and values that would be most welcome by our team.

If you see/find yourself within the values mentioned below, you believe that you are what we need and you want to be part of our successes, please do not hesitate to apply by filling out our form, uploading your CV and a motivational letter by pressing the Apply Now button.

We are looking for these values in you:

  • To be responsible
  • To be devoted/committed
  • To have a good sense of humor
  • To enjoy working in a team
  • To relish in your team’s successes
  • To have mental strength (willingness to learn and teach)
  • To be positive
  • To be flexible – Easily adapt to changes
  • To have high work ethics
  • To be self-disciplined and self-motivated

Please describe your technical knowledge and qualifications in your CV, along with two references of where you have worked the last 5 years.

To those interested in internship

Dear young readers, if you are nearing the end of your studies, or possess a talent in the science of Information Technology and aspire to work in our company “ePayTech” – which believes and promotes such values – apply for internship by writing us a motivational letter.

We offer you a chance for professional development in your career.

ePayTech wishes you success!

To apply now, please click here.