ePayDesktop is a great software product that enables digitizing the system of payments for municipalities, and other financial institutions. Using our software the system for managing payments becomes more efficient, secure and more controllable. Accessing financial reports becomes faster and easier, these data can easily be used for statistics and plannings. Furthermore our company develops and installs the software, we also provide support and  training for the end-users, to make sure that the system is easily accessible and used by our clients,       

Public service companies,  financial service institutions and companies that have a large number of clients making abundant amounts of monthly/weekly and even daily transactions can use ePayDesktop to simplify these processes. ePayDesktop has proved itself among financial institutions such as banks and public institutions such as Municipalities, as it is currently working safely and efficiently for years now.

ePayDesktop enables the digitization of cash registers  in an easy and simple way to use. This product is developed considering the least knowledgeable user in computers. For this reason, it’s an easy way of turning blocks of paperwork and reports for each payment in Municipalities into a single form through automatic report generators. This also negates the need to manually count the amount of payments made in different forms, by enabling the option to find the current balance with just one click. Example image below.


The product offers an easy system for reports by allowing exporting them in different formats such as Word, Excel or PDF.

The approximate needed time to close or calculate daily payments by cashiers has been minimized from 2 hours a day to only 20 minutes.

The application works on the Microsoft platform and is developed using the .Net 4.0 technology.
It is functional offline without a centralized server and online with centralized data but also in a hybrid form combining the two states, avoiding making mobilized systems a hassle.

Facts for “ePayDesktop”

  • Lower cost for invoice printing up to 70%
  • Less time to process the daily reports (from  2 hours to  20 minutes)
  • Reports exported in different formats ( Excel, Word or PDF)
  • Can handle unlimited types of payments

Some of our clients that use this application or a modified version (in accordance to their requirements) are: