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The only licensed and patented product for electronic payments through SMS in Kosovo. With ePaySMS you can offer your clients a simple way of paying the electricity, telephone and water bills and other municipal payments needed through the SMS technology.

This product enables you to begin to offer your products using the SMS technology as one of the most used and promising telecommunication technology services.

From our experiences with banks, especially in the area of processing payments, we have established a perfect solution for (but not limited to) banks to make it possible for them to start using SMS Payments.

Confronting many security issues when dealing with SMS Payments, we have developed a technology that succeeds in passing all of the recognized tests of authenticity, authorization, accounting and auditing in the SMS technology field. Using this technology we offer total independence from manufacturers of mobile devices as well as mobile operator services. Every mobile device that can receive and send SMS messages with access to a mobile operator network that offers SMS services can now make payments and transfers of funds in a safe and reliable way.