ePayTech is focused on creating innovative products that are user-friendly and profitable for our clients. Our services also simplify daily processes that are currently manual for many businesses in our country. Local companies and marketing agencies will find our work as a new way of getting closer to their customers.

We always give our best to offer the most efficient solution for our clients, based on their requests and our technical abilities.

One of our main focuses is that the applications we develop are functional but simple, so that they are easy to use even for users that have little to no knowledge of basic computer systems.

With our knowledge and experience over banking systems, legal systems and infrastructure of payments, we serve companies, corporations, state institutions as an intermediary between them and the financial institutions, by offering them the benefits of using the banking services without the risk of investing in technological infrastructure. By doing this we also offer financial institutions an enhanced and better way of working with their clients, enabling a better and easier way of using the services they offer.

ePayTech offers information technology services and products, it is known best for their software products in fields such as Electronic Banking Payments, Electronic Monetary Transfers and also in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Managing teams in Software Development etc.