SMS Manager

Offers the perfect solution for Radio and TV stations, but also makes it possible for larger companies to keep in contact with their staff and important clients.

This product enables you and your company to receive/deliver SMS messages in your computer similar to how e-mails are handled. These SMS messages can be archived in a database, returned/forwarded as e-mails or as SMS messages.

The product works in a Server-based infrastructure but also as a Desktop application. If it’s Server-based, the user can access SMS messages through the WEB interface.

It supports GSM modems and GSM telephones for exchanging messages in smaller quantities but also supports SMPP technology that is used in SMSC centers (SMPP 3.*) for exchanging messages in larger quantities. It offers more than one SMPP/SMSC connection and also more than one GSM modem/telephone.

It supports SMTP for receiving/delivering e-mails. It also supports multiple e-mail addresses.